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Safe Solution

eco-friend-green-productsCarrillo’s Cleaning Services uses environmentally friendly products. From our procedures and products, our goal is to minimize our environmental impact.


To provide excellent customer service, our cleaning methods and products must be safe for our clients, their families, their pets, the environment, and our Maid to Clean staff.


We know our clients are committed to healthy homes and environmentally-friendly practices, and that is why they hire us. With our commitment to healthier cleaning, we use environmentally conscious products and chemicals. So, when children and pets play on a floor we’ve just cleaned, there is absolutely no risk of toxicity or harmful chemicals.


We take a natural approach to your flooring surfaces. We don’t use perfumes or deodorants, we simply clean and disinfect your living spaces. From tile and carpet cleaning,  & sanitation or hardwood flooring cleaning, Carrillo’s Cleaning Services is a safe, effective and the professional solution for your home or commercial cleaning needs.